Splatta Yo Bestie—Family & Adult

Work in the style of Jackson Pollock to create magical expressionist art, full of mess, movement and fun!
WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? Workshops scheduled before 6:30 pm: Ages 6* to Adult Workshops scheduled 6:30 pm and later: Ages 14 to Adult
*Kids aged 6–11 must be accompanied by an Adult Participant. Both adult and child must be registered and paid for. Maximum 2 kids per adult participant.
WHAT DO I MAKE? Each participant creates one 11″×14″ stretched canvas painting
  • Attend the workshop on the date & time you selected.
  • The curator guides you through the painting step by step.
  • Please arrive on time to ensure there is enough time to complete the project. Even come a little early! Look around, say hi! Please, please, be on time.
  • Each person is responsible for cleaning their brushes at the end of the workshop.
  • We use professional materials and art supplies which means paint may stain clothing, shoes and jackets. We have aprons at the studio to borrow, but wet paint may be lurking around any corner. Please note, even if you are not doing a painting workshop, you may still get paint on you.
  • 4Cats is not responsible for damage to clothing or personal belongings. Please leave the ball gowns and tuxedos at home.
  • Splatter workshops are VERY VERY messy, paint gets EVERYWHERE! (including shoes) Footwear must be worn in the splatter room. Rubber boots, crocs, flip-flops, old shoes, are all good options for the splatter room :) Bare feet (or socks without shoes) are not permitted anywhere in the studio. 4Cats does not provide footwear or shoe covers. Please wear appropriate footwear.

  • Splatter paintings will be ready for pickup one week after the workshop.
  • Splatter paintings need a couple days to dry. They are then varnished by our lovely staff to seal in the splatter and to give them a glossy finish.
  • You WILL NOT receive a call or email when the paintings are ready.
  • Please note, after the paintings are ready for pickup, we are able to store artwork for up to 2 weeks only.

PLEASE NOTE Workshops are sold by the seat. We do not have space for observers/helpers. Each person attending must be registered.
Please click here for workshop policies and FAQs.


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